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Life. Unplugged.
The day starts when you want. And ends when you want.

And in between, there are things to do. And try. And taste. If you want.

Or, you could take your cue from the Amish who still travel our brick roads by horse and buggy and enjoy life at a much slower pace.
In a town time forgot, but you’ll always remember as the place you
finally turned off your cell phone and discovered what it’s like to connect.
On I-57. Far from the beaten path.

In Arcola Visit:
Your first stop in Arcola should be the Tourist Information Center located in the historic Illinois Central train depot.  In addition to visiting our small museum at the depot, you can pick up information about Arcola and the surrounding area.  Take a peek next door and you’ll see the World’s One and Only Hippie Memorial. 
Get acquainted with the town time forgot when you shop our historic brick-paved downtown full of quaint shops for unique gift-giving, home decor and hand-crafted Amish furniture. 

Bring the family and spend the day at Rockome Gardens theme park where you can visit seven beautiful gardens, observe master artisans demonstrating century-old traditions, and participate other family-oriented activities.

Stopover to the Carnegie Library, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and observe the classic revival architectural details.  Bring your bicycle and ride through the countryside to take in the country air, miles of farm scenery, and view diverse farming styles and techniques for planting and harvesting and Amish farms.

Arcola Depot and Welcome Center
135 N. Oak St.
Arcola, IL  61910
The Arcola Welcome Center is a restored Historic Train Depot, built in 1885. Its museum displays railroad memorabilia, Raggedy Ann doll collection and the Louis Klein Collection of antique brooms and brushes in the United States, along with other interesting Arcola relics and keepsakes. Tourist information is also available as the Arcola Chamber of Commerce is also housed at this site.
Hippie Memorial
135 N. Oak St.
Arcola, IL  61910
Arcola is also known for housing the World's Only Hippie Memorial, created by the late Bob Moomaw. Bob worked as a railroad clerk and tax assessor, but did not like either job. As an eccentric, independent artist with strong beliefs, he was able to give voice to his feelings, passions and opinions through his art and the writing on the sides of his buildings. He created the 62 feet-long artwork starting in 1992 to say something about his life and the era during which he lived. A nearby marker gives an interpretation of his work.  The monument is located next door to the historic Illinois Central Arcola Train Depot.
Rockome Gardens
125 N. CR 425 E.
Arcola, IL  61910
Rockome Gardens is a well-established Arcola attraction that has charmed visitors for five decades.  Recently it changed ownership and is undergoing renovation to make it more Amish in nature, including housing the Illinois Amish Interpretative Center, establishing a cheese factory, and offering farm and house tours as well as Amish dinners.  It has extensive gardens, shops, and other attractions.  And it features several weekends of special events as listed on their calendar.  The owners are also emphasizing making the part into a learning adventure for every visit. 

Recently relocated to Rockome Gardens is the Illinois Amish Interpretive Center.  In the countryside near Arcola is a prominent community of Old Order Amish, the largest in Illinois. Arcola is home to the Illinois Amish Interpretive Center. This Old Order Amish Museum opened in 1996 and features exhibits on most aspects of Amish life, as well as an introductory video about the Central Illinois Amish. Through the museum, tours can be scheduled of the Amish countryside, Amish homes, farms, and businesses, and meals in Amish homes can be scheduled as well.
Tri-County Auctions
Vernon Yoder
650 E. CR 400 N.
Arcola, IL  61910
You may like auctions and you may want to get an authentic, mix-with-the Amish experience.  You can do both at one of several of Vernon Yoder’s auctions held on his farm near Arcola.

Vernon Yoder’s Tri-County Auctions cover a wide range of items and are listed on a calendar of sales.  Included among these are:


·         Advertising and Farm Memorabilia—signs, farm primitives and collectibles, etc.

·         Construction and heavy Equipment—backhoes, trailers, skids, dozers, forklifts, trucks, dump trucks, Tommy lift, pressure washer, fuel tank, etc.

·         Semi-annual Wagon, Buggy, and equipment sale.

·         Estate Auctions

·         Farm Toy  and Farm Memorabilia Auction

·         Heart of American Pony Sale—all breeds.

·         Central Illinois Machinery Sale—antique and modern tractors.


Andrew Carnegie Library
407 E. Main St.
Arcola, IL  61910
Visit Arcola's historic Andrew Carnegie Library built in 1905 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Arcola celebrates its heritage as the "Broom Corn Capital of the World" with the renowned Annual Broom Corn Festival.  Visitors see National Broom Sweeing Contest, broom making, activites, arts/crafts, free entertainment, great food, and a gigantic parade with the World Famous Arcola Lawn Rangers.  The festival always tkes place the weekend following Labor Day.
Every June, the Raggedy Ann and Andy experts and enthusiasts gather for the Raggedy Friendship Gathering in Arcola, the birthplace of Johnny Gruelle and the home of his granddaughter Joni Gruelle Wannamaker .  They exchange their treasures, renew acquaintances, and visit the small town that was once theh boyhood inpiration for the creation of the Raggedy Ann phenomenon.  The Raggedy Friendship Gathering will be held June 4 and 5, 2010 at the Arcola Center.
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